Do I have to develop a vision before I can build a brand?

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Well, you should have a vision when starting a business. You should know where your business is heading for. Although other sources agree, you don’t necessarily need a vision when building a brand. Nevertheless, a vision helps you to keep an eye on the goal to be achieved and stay focused. However, it’s much more important and relevant to build a brand that appeals to your audience. The brand should focus more on your audience and your product than on your vision – even if some people claim the opposite.

If your brand matches your target audience, designing a logo and finding the right way to engage your audience is much easier. Unfortunately, a vision often leads in the wrong direction when approaching the target group, as it often doesn’t speak to your current target group but to your future one. You should create a vision for a long-term plan. And you should be ready to change and adapt your branding during your trip. But if you only stick to the long-term plan, you’ll only be distracted from today's sales.

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How do I find a perfect name for my brand?

Finding the right name for your business is often difficult. Everyone has a different opinion and everyone wants to tell you what's best. You also have an idea and think a certain name is the best you like. However, finding a name means building a brand and using a name to bring your business in a specific direction. A name transports messages and should transport the right messages. It doesn’t have to fit your interests and doesn’t have to represent what you like. It has to talk to your target audience. So before you think about a name, you should clearly identify your target audience and search for names of similar companies. You will then get an idea of what your name might look like.

Then, the process of naming itself looks like this: List all the attributes that are relevant to your company and, at best, what your audience expects of your business. Then you should list as many synonyms as possible for each noted word, if you like, also in other languages. One of those words, acronyms or a combination of two or more words could then become your company name.

I’m not sure if I need a brand. What do you think?

People often confuse logo, a name or a website with an actual brand. Each and everyone of us, as well as every company has and is automatically a brand. It means that you’re a brand from the first moment of your existence. From the first moment you position yourself in the market and you find your perfect fit. You have a clear target group, which are your parents and you have your competitors, who are you siblings. So, it’s not a question whether you need a brand or not. You already have created a brand from the moment you wanted to build a company. The only question that remains is how you can build a strong and compelling brand that brings you the competitive advantage over your competitors, as you did with your brother.


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